Why Join a Union?

Our union members receive a fair wage that is negotiated by the Local 564 and ratified by the members. Typically, union workers receive higher wages than non-union workers. This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. Why leave the decision of your yearly wage increase to someone whose responsibility it is to keep costs down? Why leave it up to someone who has no idea of your true value?

As a worker, you have a RIGHT under federal law to form a union, select representatives of your choice and bargain collectively with your employer. This helps balance the power that an employer has over his or her individual employees.

Belonging to the Union gives you rights under the law that you do not have as an individual. Once you have successfully formed a union, your employer must bargain over your wages, hours, and working conditions.


On average, union workers earn 27% more than their non-union counterparts.


Health Care

  • About 83% of union members have jobs that provide health care benefits. 62% of non-union members have the same.


  • The IUOE negotiated pension plan provides a defined benefit upon retirement. Your benefit is determined by how many years of service you have, your determined accrual rate and the amount contributed on your behalf.
  • In the IUOE pension plan, your retirement savings do not come out of your wages, they are paid for by your employer, above and beyond your wages.

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