IUOE Death Benefit Fund

The Death Benefit Fund managed by The International Union of Engineers has been terminated.The management of the fund has been transfered to each Local that has eligible members participating in the fund.


Local 564 has chosen to payout the fund to all of its members. Local 564 is attempting to locate the eligible members and/or their beneficiaries so that we can facilitate this payout.


If you received a letter and are attempting to collect please follow these instructions:


If you are the Member eligible for the benefit:

  1. Complete the W-9 Form
  2. Mail the completed and signed form to Local 564


If you are the listed beneficiary:

  1. Complete the W-9 Form by Clicking Here
  2. Complete a Beneficiary Affidavit for every beneficiary listed
  3. A certified death certificate



If the beneficiary is someone other than the spouse or named beneficiary:

  1. Complete the W-9 form
  2. Complete the Statement of Surviving Heirs form
  3. A Pre-Deceased Death Certificate



Instructions for all forms

W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

W-9 Form

Beneficiary Affidavit

Surviving Heirs Form

If you have any questions please call Local 564


IUOE Local 564

2120 N Brazosport Blvd.

Richwood, TX 77531





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