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Local 564 has been here for over 75 years. We intend to keep this Local here operating and growing for many years to come.


The workers we represent are of the highest skilled and trained people in the area. We have a full array of workers from janitors, crane operators, and firefighters to chemical plant operators. There is no limit to who or what job we represent.


If you work for a non-union company, you have a legal right to join a union of your choice. If you have any questions about a union or if you want to talk about how we can help you protect your rights, please call our union office at 979-480-0003 anytime to inquire about YOUR



In Solidarity,


Charlie Singletary

International Vice President
Business Manager IUOE Local 564


"It is one of the characteristics of a democratic nation that it have free and independent labor unions."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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